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Hello, my name is Shyricka Scales. I am a 21-year-old social media marketer/ strategist. I am a native of Murfreesboro Tennessee currently based out of Nashville Tennessee where I attend the illustrious Tennessee State University, majoring in Criminal Justice, minoring in Business Management.

I am a music artist with an Instagram following of 21,000 and Spotify engagement of 60,000 monthly listeners. Even though I am young I am no amateur to social media management nor marketing, as I have been exercising these skills since the young age of 12, as they are and always have been vital to my career and artistry.

In the past 2 years I have started a new venture. While being a full-time college student, a full-time artist, and full-time employee, (which was required to fund my schooling and career), I told myself I desperately need an extra income. Not only did I need an extra income to fund my passion and goals, I needed another income that would bring me quadruple the funds, and require little to no time work time, so I can also have time to balance and advance my hobbies. Sounds like something everyone ask for, right? It is not only what I asked for it is exactly what I received!

In a matter of weeks, I composed a business idea, plan, and launch. I started my first ever online business/ website. With my well-orchestrated and detailed business plan I went from making 500$ a month working a 9 to 5 to making 10,000$ a month barely doing any work at all, working from home, and working for myself, all in a matter of weeks at the young age of 19.

While starting my online business I learned a few things about myself, those being, I am a bad ass when it comes to making a dollar and possibly no one at my age understands the importance, discreteness, and concept of social media marketing and management as I do.

I have managed to establish my business as a dominate brand, not only in my local area but all around the world. I have managed to use social media outlets as a source to convert followers into dollars, I have managed to turn a 60$ idea into a 6-figure income outlet for myself in a matter of months. Let me help you.

What will I establish for your business?

  • Problem, Solution, Result Map                                                            (Across each platform)

  • Short Term Goals            (Along with a business plan on how we will achieve & execute)

  • Long Term Goals             (Along with a business plan on how we will achieve & execute)

  • Content Calendar

  • Campaign Set-Up & Launch

What do I require from you before starting your project?

  • Owners’ permission to perform a full business analysis. This will require I access certain social media handle to view analytics, statistics and engagement.

  • Quality Content Photos (I can aid, assist or direct a content shoot upon request)

  • Budget Allocation for content & tools

How Do We Start?

  • We would typically start the process by doing a 1-week test run. This is a process where I would generally observe your business strengths and weaknesses. I will identify the areas where we would compose goals and facilitate results and a timeframe. After identifying these portions, we would consult pricing for service and budget allocation for content and business tools. Shortly after, I will start on the execution portion on this plan to generate the following: Sales, booking, traffic, followers, whichever are discussed upon our Consultation meeting.

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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