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Hi, how are you? I'm Shy. Owner and founder of Pretty Snatched llc. I am a young 20-year-old girl from the little city of Murfreesboro. 

I was more than inspired to start my prosperous waist company after years of trying hard to achieve a curvaceous waist line. I purchased many waist garments in a years span and wore them consistently in addition to dieting and i just could not get the results i were looking for.

I became fed up. I felt a good figure was not too much to ask for. This anger and frustration birth one of my most beautiful possession, pretty snatched. I take so much pride in pretty snatched because unlike other waist training company's pretty snatched is CUSTOMLY DESIGNED. Before launching my line, i spent long months consistently testing at least 12 different waist trainers. I'm a stickler on quality.I needed something that not only worked for the world but also myself. It was defiantly a tedious process since I was unable to find one that was 100% perfect for the job. I made the clever idea to design two different garments, known today as The Snatched Belt and Sweat Body. 

These two products are specially configured are the best qualities on 12. No peeling, ripping, poking, tearing. Extremely comfortable while still doing the job of applying pressure! From customer reviews, outstanding testimonials, and life-changing results, I grow more proud of Pretty Snatched everyday.

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