The Sweat Body is a high compression, latex shaping garment used purposely for waist trimming and high sweat results. Benefits of the sweat body include; a more efficient and effective work-out, accelerated weight loss, extreme burning of tummy fat by heating up your mid and abdominal area, and increased calorie burning.

the qualities of the Sweat Body are un-matched! As it is the most multi, high quality waist garment out! It comes with an addition of a fat control band. The fat control band helps apply more pressure to that mid-area, while sweating and high-compression of fitness are still being performed! Sweat Body is exactly what you need to get the job done.


Sweat Body's are very tight fitting, we advise ordering ONE SIZE UP! (Please refer to our Size Chart)

Sweat Body

  • Pretty Snatched advise you wear your trainer for a minimum 6 hours a day. We highly reccommend 8 for faster results. Please note; you waist is trained quicker in result to higher usuage.